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If you are trying to reduction the expenses of insurance your car, the car insurance discounts are one of the best ways to lower the cost of car insurance. safe driver insurance discount one of the best ways to lower the cost of car insurance, As that safe driver discount is one of most important car insurance discounts, In addition to cash discounts, a safe driver can transfer to any car insurance company and will be welcome, for the main reason that they are earning their profits from you and others like you, and a safe driver can maintain his and others life. Then, who is a safe driver?

Safe driver - Very briefly - it's who do not cause accidents or commits traffic violations, Namely has no point on the driver's license.
Points are calculated for each incident or traffic violation, for example, I show you the schedule of surcharge points in Massachusetts State is as follows:

Surchargeable Incident            SurchargePoints

Minor Traffic Law Violation         2 points

Minor At-Fault Accident              3 points

Major At-Fault Accident             4 points

Major Traffic Law Violation       5 points (i.e., D.U.I.)

You may find it by several names such as:
Safe driver insurance discount
Accident-Free insurance discount
Good driver insurance discount
Claim-Free insurance discount
Clean driving record insurance discount

Car insurance companies offer safe driver discount in different proportions and different terms as follows:

State Farm Accident-Free Discount

State Farm Company offers two types of safe driver discount:
1 - State Farm Accident-Free Discount, You eligible to receive this, if your car has been insured by State Farm for at least three continuous years without a chargeable accident.
2 - if you new customer in State farm company, will receive the good driving discount, on condition, it has been gone three years or more without moving any traffic violations or at-fault accidents, this will be verified at the time an application is submitted for your car insurance.

Progressive Safe driver discount

If you have no accidents or traffic violations in the past three years, you could earn nearly 31%, Compared to Progressive customers with accidents or violations.

Geico, Five-Year Accident-Free Good Driver

If you've been accident-free for five years, you may be able to save up to 26% on most coverage’s.

American National Claim-Free Discount

If you insure your auto and home with American National and stayed claim-free for three consecutive years you’ll get 25 percent of your eligible auto and home premiums back in cash.

The Hartford clean driving record discount

The Hartford offers two type of clean driving record discount:
1 - If all drivers on your policy have a clean driving record (no accidents or violations) for five consecutive years, will be forgiven the first incident.
2 - If all drivers on your policy have a clean driving record for three consecutive years, the benefits, you will qualify for the Disappearing Collision Deductible benefit.
In all cases, you must have the Advantage Plus package.

Travelers Safe Driver Discount

1 - If you and any driver in your household do not have accidents, violations or major comprehensive claims for the past three years with Travelers, you are eligible for saving up to 10%.
2 - If you and any driver in your household do not have accidents, violations or major comprehensive claims for the past five years, you are eligible for saving up to 23%.

MetLife clean driving record

It offers two type of clean driving discount:
1 - MetLife Superior Driver Discount, earn up to a 12 % if all of the drivers in your household have outstanding driving records, You must be a licensed driver for at least two years, and Additional restrictions apply.
2 - Through the MetRewards program you can Earn up to 20% if you are no-claim and violation-free for 5 years.

USAA Safe Driver Discount

Maintain a good driving record for more than five years. And is the Premier Driver Discount

Farmers Safe Driver Discount

Your car insurance rates will decrease with Farmers if you accident- free for three consecutive years. This is the information available about safe driver discount on the Farmers website, but the site offers the search for discounts for each state, by finding for discounts for a safe driver in California, I found that the farm offers two types of discount for a safe driver:
1 - Licensed for 3 years without a suspension, lapse, or failed renewal,
2 - Have had no more than 1 point on your license in the past 3 years. In this case, you may be eligible for a rate discount.

Nationwide accident-free discount

Get up to 10% discount, on condition, if you are free of at-fault accidents and free of major violations for at least 5 years.

MapFre clean driving discount

You will receive $50 in credits for each of the first four consecutive clean years. In the fifth consecutive clean year, you will earn a $100 credit. The maximum credits that you may earn are $300, from MapFre Disappearing Deductible credits.

Amica Claim-free discount

If you do not have claims for three consecutive years, you can get a car insurance discount, other than glass or towing. On condition, one driver on the policy must have at least 39 months of driving experience.

Ameriprise clean driving records discount

1 - If you are not responsible for an accident for three years, you receive a car insurance discount, even if you have been with a different insurer during those three years.
2 - If you accident-free for six years you will receive a further insurance discount, And no extra charge for the first accident, if you qualify.

Allstate safe driver discount

1 - You'll get a check in the mail every six months; do not get an accident, by adding on Allstate safe driving bonus.
2 - Earn an additional 100$ off each year you continue driving safely, even up to $500 from Allstate deductible rewards.

Erie Safe driver discount

If you’re a safe driver with a good driving record, you could get a discount on your auto coverage.

AAA Good Driver Discount
The insurance discount of a safe driver varies depending on the location of the club.
AAA is a federation of independent clubs throughout the United States and Canada.
But, AAA Good Driver Discount, at website club in California ( for example: Save up to 20% on all coverage’s.

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